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Medical Stabilization

Medical Stabilization Services

Rural populations pay a heavy price for lack of access to addiction treatment. With such a limited supply of treatment facilities, hospital emergency rooms see the brunt of this epidemic. The average cost of care per ICU overdose admission rose 58 percent over a 6 year period.† Lack of access keeps communities stuck in the cycle of abuse. The need is clear and so are the solutions.  

Medical Stabilization safely manages the acute physical symptoms of withdrawal and paves the way to long-term success. Combined with effective rehabilitation, success rates greatly increase and relapse is significantly reduced with medical substance withdrawal management. Patients receive 24-hour supervision with medication management to lessen withdrawal symptoms and manage pain. The stabilization process is usually complete within a week. Upon discharge, additional resources are recommended to prevent relapse.

UltraGroup Healthcare provides a proven, turn-key solution for your hospital to respond to the community’s the addiction crisis. We manage staffing, training, protocol, strategy, resources and implementation to get your program up and running quickly and smoothly. Backed by our team of experts, UltraGroup brings it’s combined experience in healthcare administration and management, treatment center expertise, healthcare finance and more to serve your hospital and your community. For more information about how UltraGroup can partner with your hospital, contact us today.

† Ben-Gurion University, Harvard & University of Chicago

A safe and compasstionate solution to the recovery process.