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Lunch & Learn at New Beginnings

New Beginnings IOP from Metropolis, IL. is inviting the community to their department within Massac Memorial Hospital by hosting Lunch and Learns monthly.  For the past 2 years, this community outreach event has been well-received by many citizens. Participants each receive a delicious chicken salad sandwich on croissant, chips and a cookie with ice tea or lemonade. Attendance to these community events are usually between 25–35 people. New Beginnings gives a $10 gift card from a drawing to someone who brings a guest who has never attended before.  

When we first began, we asked each local physician to give a presentation on a topic of their choice. Now, we have included physicians in the Paducah, KY area to present as well.  Each physician has spoken at least 45 minutes on topics ranging from diabetes, to healthy eyes, to multiple medications, to end of life decisions. All have also graciously answered numerous questions from the participants on their topics. 

Most recently, Dr. Nick Hasenfratz from IMAC Regeneration presented on the benefits of healing without surgery or opioids. As a conservative treatment clinic for musculoskeletal conditions, IMAC focuses on delivering non-invasive treatment protocols. Their medical professions deliver Regenerative Rehabilitation which is a combination of physiotherapy and regenerative medicine.

New Beginnings is pleased with the success of these events. It allows us to continuously have contact with the citizens in our community while they see and hear about our department as well as a medical topic of interest.

Kate Roussel