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Central IL Christmas Party

Updated: Jan 31

(Springfield, IL) VP of Outpatient Services, Kenna Dunlap Johnson hosted a Christmas party for the UltraGroup programs in Central Illinois at Mariah’s Steakhouse in Springfield, IL this year. Program staff along with some of the Medical Directors including Dr. Johnson, Dr. Alexander, and Dr. Woerner were in attendance. This was a great event and allowed our programs to network and celebrate the holiday season together.

Corinna Markland Pickle, Alison Svob, Stacey Sheets

Dr. Repetto, Corinna Alsene, Amanda Justice

Dr. Woerner, Dr. Alexander

Kenna Dunlap Johnson

Terra Ogle, Lisa Brinkerhoff

Brian Stoops

Dr. Woerner, Kathleen Price, Rachel Allen, Sara Barrientos


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