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Wayne County Hospital’s Healthy Outlook Program Promotes Program in the Community

(Monticello, KY) The Healthy Outlook program at Wayne County Hospital is committed to raising awareness of mental health in the community. Program staff have attended health fairs, visited doctors' offices, the library, and other community resources to talk about mental health and offer resources to help people get help.

At health fairs, Healthy Outlook staff set up booths to provide information about mental health. They offer free screenings for depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. They also distribute brochures and other educational materials.

When visiting doctors' offices, Healthy Outlook staff talk to patients about their mental health. They offer information about mental health conditions and treatment options. They also answer questions and provide support.

The Healthy Outlook program's community education efforts have been successful in raising awareness of mental health in Wayne County. They have also helped to connect people with the resources they need to get help.

Amber Hall, Amie Wilson, Angela Turner
Amber Hall, Amie Wilson, Angela Turner

Angela Turner, Aber Hall
Angela Turner, Aber Hall



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