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A Week-Long Celebration

In honor of National Mental Health Awareness Month, New Beginnings, Massac Memorial Hospital, Metropolis, Illinois created a week-long celebration for hospital staff including activities, food, prizes and information about our IOP. They shared an activity each day starting with a cross word puzzle themed with behavioral health terminology. Prizes were awarded randomly to co-workers. One day they provided "Healthy Snacks & Facts" including veggies, dip, fruit and cheese with colored handouts about the effects of stress on our bodies and minds. Another day they had approximately 50 participants in the word search puzzle with 8 prizes awarded as well. Then, staff participated in "Fun Snacks & Facts Appreciation Day" in which many more co-workers dropped by to enjoy the Candy “Bar” with each candy representing why each of our co-workers are appreciated by New Beginnings. They ended the celebration with "Cookies & Questions" in which co-workers stopped in to eat cookies and ask any of our staff questions about New Beginnings. Just by asking a question, their name went into the bucket to win one of the 8 prizes. They event was a big success and served as an excellent reminder to our hospital of the great service that New Beginnings provides to the community.



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