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Taking care of the adult and geriatric behavioral health needs of a small community can be challenging for acute care hospitals. Limited resources, staff shortages and growing regulatory requirements are just a few of the hurdles that can be difficult to navigate. 

That's where UltraGroup can help. We partner with hospitals, bringing the right resources to the table, to provide cost effective inpatient and outpatient behavioral health support and solutions including:


  • Certificate of Need Assistance 

  • DPU Enrollment 

  • Staff Recruitment/Orientation 

  • Medical Director Recruitment 

  • Space Design 

  • Policies/Procedures 

  • Equipment and Supply Information


  • Financial Analysis 

  • Medicare Cost Report Impact Analysis 

  • CPT Coding/Billing Assistance 

  • Budgeting

  • Monthly Management Reporting

  • Strategic Planning


  • Ongoing CE Plans 

  • Referral Source Education/In-services 

  • Media and Promotional Material


  • Admission Criteria 

  • Routine Chart Audits 

  • Medicare Regulations Update 

  • Continuing Education Material

  • Policy & Procedure Development

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Through advancements in healthcare, adults and seniors are enjoying greater longevity. Along with the complexities of caring for this growing community come special challenges like depression and anxiety.

Yet, these issues go untreated in 80 percent of the population. While most hospitals desire to correct this problem, time and resources continue to be key hurdles. We can help. UltraGroup is your hospital's behavioral health expert.

"A safe and compassionate solution to the recovery process"