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Employee Spotlight

(Carrolton, KY) This month’s Employee Spotlight is Marie Wallace, a therapist at the Empowered Living Program at Carroll County Memorial Hospital. Marie is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in the state of Kentucky. She is originally from Gabon, a central African country. Marie shared, “Some of my fondest childhood memories are set in my native land where I would sit at my grandfather’s feet every night and listen to him tell stories. He would share fables of fierce jungle animals that depicted themes of wisdom, bravery, corruption, friendship, and so much more. Through his stories, I learned the importance of staying motivated despite whatever weakness or adversity you may encounter.” These lessons inspired Marie’s move to Kentucky 16 years ago. She started her career in education with the Early HealthStart Program, serving low-income families in the community. During her time in education, she gained personal insight into the needs of families struggling with mental health challenges. Seeing their struggles inspired her to enroll in Lindsey Wilson College where she graduated with a Master of Education in Counseling. Her specialties include counseling those with mood or anxiety disorders, older clients, people with physical disabilities, and/or individuals struggling with any major life changes.

UltraGroup is grateful to have Marie as a therapist for the Empowered Living program at Carroll County Memorial Hospital. From all of us at UltraGroup, thank you for all that you do for you program, patients and community.



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