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Enjoying the Harvest

(Webster, KY) Last July we shared a story with you about the Frazier Family Pumpkin Farm, homestead of our very own Sheila Frazier. Well, we have some good news for you! The Harvest came in and the pumpkins were bountiful! Pumpkins of all sizes, different shapes and colors, a great variety, and a good harvest!

When we wrote about the pumpkin farm in July, it was planting season. It was time to put the seeds out and hope for a good growing season. There are many factors that contribute to a good growing season, some are:

● Monitoring the pumpkins’ progress during the growing season;

● Checking the pumpkins for ripeness; if the leaves and stems are starting to dry up and turning brown, that means it is time to pick the pumpkins;

● Someone must go through the pumpkin patch with sharp pruners and cut the stems from the vine and be sure to leave a 3-4 inch stem for handling;

● There is a tractor used to haul the load the masses of pumpkins away;

and lastly…

● It is time to share the harvest with the community!

We hope this Harvest story has brought you great joy to see that our efforts that we make, whether in pumpkin planting or in our jobs, reap great rewards. Plant the seeds, tend to them, then let the Harvest begin, whether great or small. A harvest is a harvest if we only begin with just 1 seed. What you do matters!



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