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Livingston Hospital Open House

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

New Beginnings, an outpatient behavioral health program at Livingston Hospital, held an Open House for Mental Health Awareness month. The theme for the Open House, held on May 12th from 9-11 a.m., was “We are “GROWING” awareness about mental health”. Plants were used to decorate the front entrance to the location, as well as placed throughout the facility, continuing the theme of “GROWING” awareness. Guests that visited the event were given flower/veggie seed packets, decorated with a customized tag designed by Carey O’Keefe to “GROW” awareness. Each guest was entered into a drawing for a garden gift basket, provided by New Beginnings and designed by Teresa Robertson and Carey O’Keefe.

Informative presentations were given by Teresa Robertson with New Beginnings, Leigh Lohman w/ Livingston County PACS, Audra Baker Kynect and Teresa Newton both of PACS. The speakers provided information concerning mental health, Medicaid, and the PACS programs/services offered. The event was a great success, providing many community members valuable information to help themselves, as well as others.

Note from Teresa Robertson, Community Ed Coordinator:

I would like to thank Keri Williams for the guidance and tips to help make this event a great success. I would also like to thank my co-worker, Carey O’Keefe, for her help with decorating and general set-up prior to the event. Thank you to Lisa Young, Director/primary Therapist of New Beginnings, and Monica Lovell, R.N. for their gracious help and support during the event, as well.”

Joan Johnson, Jo Tocci Teresa Robertson, Carey O’Keefe, Monica Lovell and Lisa Young

Carey O’Keefe and Teresa Robertson



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