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Senior Perspectives Programs at The Medical Centers Participate in Health and Wellness Expo

Updated: Jan 31

The Senior Perspective Programs at The Medical Center at Scottsville, Caverna, and Franklin enthusiastically took part in the annual Medical Center Health and Wellness Expo held at the Sloan Convention Center in Bowling Green, KY. This event served as a valuable platform for promoting health and wellness among the senior community, drawing approximately 1,000 participants each year. The Senior Perspective Programs, under the guidance of dedicated Program Directors, made a significant impact at the expo.

Kenyatta Williams, the Program Director of the Senior Perspectives Program at Scottsville and Franklin, played a pivotal role in representing the programs at the event. Alongside her was Michelle Wooten, the Program Director of the Senior Perspectives Program at Caverna, contributing to the collective effort to engage and educate the attendees. Their presence showcased the commitment of these programs to the well-being of the senior community in the region. The expo provided an excellent opportunity for seniors to access valuable health resources, connect with healthcare professionals, and learn about the Senior Perspective Programs' offerings, fostering a sense of community and support for healthy aging.


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