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Solar Eclipse 2024

(Chattanooga, TN) April 8th, 2024, marked the 2nd time in just 7 years that part of the United States experience a solar eclipse. This year’s solar eclipse took a more direct path across the central part of the United States, covering Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Some of UltraGroup’s Programs happen to be in the path of totality including, Massac Memorial Hospital, Livingston Hospital and Health System, Pinckneyville Community Hospital, Franklin Hospital, Hamilton Memorial Hospital, Fairfield Memorial Hospital, Wabash General Hospital, Salem Township Hospital, Horizon Health Paris Hospital, and Parkview Wabash. Some hospitals, including Massac Memorial in Metropolis, IL were lucky enough to have experienced both the 2017 and 2024 solar eclipse in totality. Visitors from NASA also made their way up to Metropolis to experience the eclipse first-hand. The next solar eclipse the United States will experience will be on August 23rd,2044.



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