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Congratulations Dodge County Hospital

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Dodge County Hospital in Eastman, Georgia was named the 2021 HomeTown Health Hospital of the Year. Representatives from their community reported, “This hospital has been a light in their community over the last two years. They have been leaders in battling the pandemic. They were the first to partner with the Mayo Clinic in a COVID-19 convalescent plasma trial which had great results for their patients. They have worked through and cried over dozens of ventilated patients overflowing at times into the Emergency Room because the ICU was full. They were one of the only hospitals in their area to open a monoclonal antibody center that helped keep patients at home and out of the hospital. The entire staff has fought hard to save lives during this awful time at the risk of their own lives with smiles on their faces and compassion in their hearts. Throughout this time, their business office has run like a well-oiled machine keeping cash flowing and being one of the best run revenue cycles that we have had the pleasure of working with. All of this success with a new leader at the helm. They welcomed a new CEO not long before the pandemic hit us, and he has been a true leader that has worked side by side with his staff. This hospital remains financially stable and independent and is a great model for rural hospitals to follow.” LaDon Toole, CEO, Jan Hamrick, CFO and Joan Hartley, PFS Director gladly accepted the award on behalf of the hospital.

UltraGroup has been proud to work with Dodge County Hospital for many years, providing Inpatient services to seniors in the surrounding communities. Congratulations, Dodge County!

LaDon Toole, CEO; Jan Hamrick, CFO; Joan Hartley, PFS Director



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