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Culbertson Memorial Promotes Suicide Awareness

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

(Rushville, IL) In observance of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, Sarah Culbertson Memorial Hospital has introduced the Senior Life Solutions Program—a dedicated initiative aimed at providing crucial support for seniors facing mental health challenges. A newly unveiled bulletin board located within the hospital premises now serves as a prominent visual representation of this crucial cause.

The bulletin board prominently features the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 988, providing a readily accessible resource available round the clock for those in crisis. Additionally, it showcases key warning signs of suicide, such as withdrawal from activities, sudden behavioral shifts, feelings of being a burden, and the act of giving away personal possessions. By spotlighting these indicators, the hospital aims to equip the community with the knowledge to identify signs of distress and take prompt action.

The Senior Life Solutions Program at Sarah Culbertson Memorial Hospital endeavors to establish a nurturing environment where individuals can find support, empathy, and a pathway to recovery. The initiative underscores a collective commitment to preventing suicide and extending a ray of hope to those who may be in need. The support of the community plays an integral role in making a positive impact on this critical issue.



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