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Customer Service: The Chick-fil-A Model

You are driving down the road around lunchtime, craving a chicken sandwich. You see a McDonalds, Wendy’s, Popeye’s, and Chick-fil-A all right next to each other. Which one are you going to choose?

Answers to this may vary based on a variety of reasons including dietary restrictions, taste preference, or what side of the road they are on. However, when it comes to customer service reputation, no other company can hang with Chick-fil-A. While their chicken sandwich is subjectively good, it is the company’s focus on customer service that has contributed to their success. It is for that reason why 79%* of Americans choose Chick-fil-A.

Now, I know that the analogy between chicken sandwich sales and behavioral health services is a little bit of a stretch. However, the customer service model is something that all service industries should strive to emulate. The behavioral health industry can particularly benefit from this model. Our customers (patients) are often times at one of the lowest points in their lives. A small positive interaction, such as a smile, kind words, or even just taking the time to listen, can make a tremendous impact on our patients. Organizations that show good faith, are dedicated to customer satisfaction, and care about their business tend to have more success…especially in those rural communities that we serve.

Your customer is also your neighbor.

Jacob Shaheen

Director of Business Development



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