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Did You Know? – Corydon, IN Edition

(Corydon, IN) Did you know that Corydon, IN was the original capital for the state of Indiana? Located north of the Ohio River in Southern Indiana, Corydon was the capital for the Indiana Territory from 1813 to 1816 and remained the capital of the state until 1825. This is where the first state constitution was drafted in 1816 to consider statehood for Indiana. After the capital was moved to Indianapolis in 1825, Corydon served as a seat of county government for the surrounding agricultural areas. In 1863, during the Civil War, the Battle of Corydon occurred led by Confederate brigadier general John Hunt Morgan and his cavalry of more than 2,000 men beginning what is known as “Morgan’s Raid”. Each year the city hosts a reenactment of the Battle of Corydon. Corydon celebrated its bicentennial anniversary in 2008 by unveiling a $200,000 bronze statue of the Honorable Frank O’Bannon, the late governor of Indiana and former citizen of Corydon.


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