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Healthy Outlook Participates in Senior Day

(Monticello, KY) The Healthy Outlook Program at Wayne County Hospital in Monticello, KY, actively engaged with the community by participating in Senior Day at God's Food Pantry in Somerset, KY, a gathering that drew in over 400 attendees. The event provided a valuable platform for the Healthy Outlook staff to share crucial information about their program with participants. As advocates for senior health and well-being, the team seized the opportunity to connect with a diverse audience, disseminating information about the services and benefits offered by the Healthy Outlook Program.

The impact of the participation was evident as the Healthy Outlook Program received a notable 11 referrals for potential patients who could benefit from their services. This not only underscores the importance of community outreach but also reflects the program's resonance with individuals seeking support for their health needs. The collaborative effort between the Healthy Outlook Program and God's Food Pantry not only fostered community awareness about senior health but also demonstrated the program's commitment to reaching and assisting those who can benefit from its services.


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