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High Five Pride Award


It Takes A Village ... whether building or operating a successful business, raising a productive family, creating great art, or competing in sporting events. But, how does a group harness the energy and synchronicity necessary for a positive "village" experience? That synchronicity exists any time two or more people are working together with a shared purpose and that is called "Teamwork!" Each member of a team has their particular responsibilities that relate to their own specific skills and knowledge but effective teamwork happens when there is collaboration. Members of effective teams have faith in their ability to solve problems, are positive about their activities and trust each other. And that brings me to the "team" we are honoring: Terra Ogle, LCSW; Floyd Young, RN; Connie Rhoads, LCSW; Roxanne Michels, Unit Clerk; Kimberly Shanks, RMA; and Theresa Finley, RN; and Jane Furry, RN, Manager.

This group recently went above and beyond the scope of their work responsibilities for one of their clients. It seems the client was moving out of a nursing home into a more independent living situation, but proper preparations had not been secured when it was time for the client to leave. Even though these types of things are not part of their daily responsibilities, this group sprang into action and assisted her. As a team, they assisted her with physically moving her belongings to the new apartment and provided her food and basic supplies for the apartment. In addition, Terra contacted a member of her family who resides out of state to advocate for funds for the client to purchase a lift chair so the client had a safe place to sit and sleep. Terra and Floyd drove all the way to Georgetown to pick up the chair and delivered it to the apartment. The group made sure she had all the necessities she needed, right down to a roll of toilet paper! The staff was concerned that the move wasn't the right move for her but at that point in time, knew it was the client's decision to make and they made every effort to set her up for success.

The teamwork tale does not end there. The next day after the move occurred she was assessed by a home health nurse. Due to health and safety issues she was sent to the ER and was told it was safer for her to go back to the nursing home setting. Terra went to the ER with her and was able to reassure her and give her the support she needed to see that living alone at this time was not working for her. This teamwork tale is not an isolated story! Behavioral health issues include homelessness, lack of food, clothing, food for pets, lack of funds to obtain medications, inability to pay utilities, and many times even the lack of a family to support them. Each time, this team continues to give of themselves physically, emotionally, and monetarily. Your clients are blessed by your caring and giving hearts, and we are blessed that you are part of our staff.


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