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LifeBridge Program Staff Receives TeamSTEPPS Award

(LaGrange, IN) The Parkview LaGrange Hospital celebrates hospital staff making a good catch and ensuring a patient was safe or getting emergency services when needed through the TeamSTEPPS

award. In January of 2024, Tara Speicher, Unit Clerk for the LifeBridge Program at Parkview LaGrange Hospital, received the TeamSTEPPS award for her actions in assisting a patient in need.

During routine aftercare phone calls to patients, Tara reached out to a previous patient who lived alone. When the patient answered, Tara noticed that the patient was “gurgling” and nonresponsive. She attempted to get the patient to speak to see if she was okay. When the patient was not able to respond, Tara remained on the phone while calling the Program Director, Leah Heaston, for help. Tara informed Leah of what was going on with the patient and instructed her to call 911. While emergency services were dispatched to the patient’s residence, Tara remained on the line with the patient until the ambulance arrived. The patient was taken to the Emergency Department and later admitted to the hospital.

If it weren’t for Tara’s keen instinct and ability to remain calm, the patient might not have received the necessary emergency services in time. This shows the dedication of the LifeBridge Program staff to their patients and the importance of regular aftercare follow-ups. UltraGroup commends Tara and the LifeBridge staff for their quick thinking and important intervention for a patient in need.

Tara Speicher



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