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Livingston Hospital Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness Month with New Beginnings Patients

(Salem, KY) The New Beginnings Program at Livingston Hospital hosted a highly informative session for its patients, featuring a distinguished guest speaker, Tammy Swinford, the Director of Radiology at the hospital. Tammy Swinford's talk was particularly timely, coinciding with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and she delivered a compelling discourse on the critical importance of mammograms and self-breast examinations in early detection and prevention. With her extensive expertise in the field, Tammy provided invaluable insights, breaking down complex medical information into accessible, actionable steps for the audience.

Swinford's presentation was a beacon of empowerment, shedding light on the life-saving potential of regular screenings and self-awareness practices. Her engaging and compassionate approach fostered an environment of trust and openness among the patients, encouraging them to take charge of their own health. The session was not only a testament to the New Beginnings Program's commitment to holistic care but also a powerful reminder of the profound impact that knowledge and early intervention can have in the fight against breast cancer. This event marked a significant stride in equipping patients with the tools and knowledge they need to prioritize their well-being.

Tammy Swinford
Tammy Swinford

Lisa Young, Tammy Swinford
Lisa Young, Tammy Swinford


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