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Networking Opportunities

Keri Williams, Program Director at Senior Perspectives in Scottsville and Franklin, Kentucky had the opportunity to present and education talk to a coalition of regional professionals and service providers. The program is part of the Southern Kentucky Senior Provider Coalition, comprised of 30 different agencies in an 8 county area that provide services to senior adults. Meetings are held on a monthly basis and offer the opportunity to network with other senior providers.

During the September 12th Coalition meeting, Keri spoke on the unique challenges that senior adults face and how the Senior Perspectives program could benefit them. Signs of depression, anxiety and other unique symptoms were discussed. As a result of this discussion, several new providers to the Coalition learned about the program for the first time and afterward, several referrals were received.

Perhaps your region has a coalition that you can become involved with. If not, you might consider teaming up with other providers and beginning one yourself.


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