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For the second year running, Pulaski Memorial Hospital, Senior Care has hosted an ornament decorating contest. The contest involves all hospital departments, building relationships and encouraging collaboration with the program.

Two ornaments are delivered to each department, as well as off-campus clinics, allowing 3 weeks to decorate them and return them to Senior Care. At that time, Senior Care patients vote on their favorite ornament. Senior Care alumni return to vote as well, lured back again with cookies and milk! The winning department receives a delicious holiday treat.

The contest gives clients a chance to be involved in something festive and to regain some Christmas spirit. Patients ask excitedly about the entries and check for updates upon each visit. Involvement also helps some clients reminisce about childhood memories and may get them decorating a bit in their own home. This year, clients created a wreath from old cards that we used in the office. Our program even won third place in the PMH door decorating contest. We lure past clients in with cookies and milk!


Evans Memorial, Windows of Hope program won the Christmas door contest with their Polar Express theme, beating the Med-Surg unit, the reigning champions for the past 3 years!

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