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Senior Life Solutions at Community Hospital of Staunton Celebrates Valentines Day with Patients

(Staunton, IL) The Program staff at the Senior Life Solutions Program at Community Hospital of Staunton celebrated Valentines Day with their patients in a unique way.

The program spent 2 days celebrating Valentines day by decorating the group room, providing Valentines Day  themed snacks, and discussing therapeutic topics in group. One of the topics discussed was emotional expression. Group members address comfort levels communicating affection to friends and loved ones through various love languages such as acts of service, gift giving, physical touch, quality time and words of affirmation. Patients discussed their preferred method of expressing and receiving care and kindness. In previous sessions, patients created messages to other patients that they shared during the Valentines Day activities.

This type of creative clinical programming was well received by the patients who participated. A job well done by the program staff at Senior Life Solutions. This was a great way to engage the patients in topical activities while addressing the emotional needs of the patients.



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