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Senior Life Solutions at Culbertson Memorial Hosts Bingo for Seniors

(Rushville, IL) On October 27th, the Senior Life Solutions Program at Culbertson Memorial Hospital went above and beyond to bring joy and excitement to the seniors in our community by hosting a Halloween-themed Bingo event. The program, known for its dedication to the mental health and well-being of seniors, transformed the atmosphere into a festive Halloween haven for an evening of spirited fun.

The event featured a lively Bingo competition, with seniors donning creative and spooky costumes as part of a friendly competition for the title of Best Costume. In addition to the Bingo games, the Senior Life Solutions Program ensured that snacks and refreshments were readily available. This event not only provided an opportunity for seniors to engage in enjoyable activities but also fostered a sense of community, creating lasting memories for all who attended.

Culbertson Memorial Hospital's Senior Life Solutions Program continues to showcase its commitment to the holistic well-being of seniors by organizing events that go beyond traditional healthcare, emphasizing the importance of joy, connection, and community spirit.



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