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Have you missed our UltraGroup Annual Program Director/Leadership Conference? We sure have! As many of you may know, Covid changed our Conference plans for the past few years. Normally, we would gather for a three-day event that included a “Meet & Greet” dinner reception the first evening, followed by a 2-day conference with a variety of speakers and topics of interest for our industry, and even breakout sessions for our IOP and IP groups. We make this time a very interactive session, allowing time for questions, interaction between conference attendees, and of course, prize winners! It’s very good to see all of the Program Directors coming together from different states and backgrounds while performing the same basic day-to-day job duties of running the IOP and the IP units. You might even see a face that you have interacted with for quite some time but never met personally.

As a conference planner, it’s my job to make you feel right at home in this unique city called Chattanooga. We have so much to offer here, and we have multiple breaks allowing you to enjoy the city and all of its adventures. We have great food, lots of time to network with each other, and we make the most of every moment we have while you are here in our wonderful town.

We look forward to getting back to full-speed ahead for the annual UG Conference, and we are hopeful that 2023 will be good to us and give us that opportunity to meet together again. We monitor the events carefully and make decisions about the Conference months before you receive the invitation. Towards the end of this year, we will make the decision for the 2023 conference. Many of you have asked about the Conference, which is GREAT, so we want you to know that we consider many factors when making a decision to either proceed or delay, and we will try to keep you as informed as possible.

Here’s to our next Conference! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

All the best,

Susan Lemon

UG Event Planner

(423) 648-9880



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