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Wayne County Hospital’s Healthy Outlook Program Opens

(Monticello, KY) Wayne County Hospital has taken a significant step towards addressing the mental health needs of seniors by opening the Healthy Outlook Program. This specialized program is specifically designed to provide support and assistance to older adults who are facing challenges related to mental health. Recognizing the unique needs of this population, the hospital has assembled a dedicated team consisting of a licensed clinical therapist, a registered nurse, a unit clerk, and a board-certified psychiatrist.

The Healthy Outlook Program at Wayne County Hospital aims to provide comprehensive care to seniors struggling with mental health issues. The licensed clinical therapist plays a crucial role in offering therapy and counseling services, tailoring treatment plans to meet the individual needs of each patient. With their expertise, seniors can find solace, guidance, and strategies to overcome challenges such as depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions.

The presence of a registered nurse on the Healthy Outlook team ensures that seniors receive holistic care and attention to their physical well-being. The nurse collaborates with the clinical therapist and other healthcare professionals to assess and monitor the overall health of the patients. This interdisciplinary approach ensures that seniors' mental health needs are addressed in conjunction with their physical health, promoting a comprehensive and integrated treatment experience.

In addition to the licensed clinical therapist and registered nurse, the Healthy Outlook Program at Wayne County Hospital benefits from the expertise of a unit clerk and a board-certified psychiatrist. The unit clerk provides administrative support, ensuring smooth operations and efficient coordination of appointments and services. The board-certified psychiatrist offers specialized psychiatric evaluation and treatment, providing seniors with access to comprehensive mental health care under one roof.

The establishment of the Healthy Outlook Program at Wayne County Hospital demonstrates the commitment of the institution to prioritize the mental well-being of seniors. By assembling a dedicated team of professionals, the hospital is equipped to address the unique challenges faced by older adults, helping them find hope, healing, and a renewed sense of mental wellness.

Amber Hall. Amie Wilson, Angela Turner.


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