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A Fresh New Look

After 22 years, UltraGroup felt it was about time to freshen up their look. The names and faces are all the same, and we're proud as ever to serve alongside you in communities throughout the nation.

The updated logo is a positive, and inspiring symbol. It represents the bridge that UltraGroup provides for hospitals to a new level of healthcare. UltraGroup spans the gap in behavioral health that is missing in so many of our underserved communities.

Rural hospitals struggle to manage care for our growing senior population. Underlying issues like senior depression complicate treatment at every level — extending hospital stays and driving up costs. Yet, depression goes untreated in 80 percent† of the senior population. For adults of all ages (18 and older), major depression is the second most impactful condition on overall health. Most hospitals desire to correct the gap in behavioral health, but time and resources remain an obstacle.

UltraGroup’s mission is to bridge the gap. Over 60 hospitals nationwide benefit from our comprehensive solution for adult and geriatric psychiatric care, alleviating the burden for resources and expertise. By attending to the behavioral needs of patients, overall healthcare is greatly improved.


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