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A Gift Under Every Tree

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

New Beginnings, at Salem Township Hospital, created a Senior Adoption Tree so that all of their patients could have a special Christmas gift to open. Each of our patients filled out a Christmas "wish list" which we hung up on our Christmas Tree in our department. We then reached out to all hospital employees in hopes of getting our patients adopted. Within an hour ALL of our patients on the tree were adopted by our employees. Each employee that adopted a patient brought in amazing gifts for them based on their requested wish list, including jackets, blankets, books, snacks, board games, and coloring/activity books. Since a Christmas party was not possible due to COVID, we delivered every single present to our patients through a no-contact porch drop off. Each patient had a gift in time for Christmas. We received many thanks you's from our patients, who stated these gifts were unexpected and made their whole Christmas. One patient laughed and even cried, because someone seemed to know her so well. Another patient said that he appreciated it more than we know. He said that he loves our program and that it has helped him so much through hard times. One hospital employee said that she had so much fun shopping and wrapping for our patient and hopes to participate again next year. Our Adoption Tree was a great success and we plan to continue this year after year.


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