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Barren County Senior Provider Coalition

(Bowling Green, KY) Keri Williams, Regional Director for UltraGroup Healthcare, recently spoke at the Barren County Senior Providers Coalition in Kentucky, sharing her expertise on a variety of important topics related to senior care. The meeting was sponsored by the Senior Perspectives Program at The Medical Center at Caverna and Hometown Manor Assisted Living.

Keri Williams spoke about the challenges and opportunities in providing care for seniors, as well as the importance of community-based services and programs. One of the key themes of Williams' talk was the importance of addressing the social determinants of health for seniors. She emphasized that factors such as social isolation, access to transportation, and food insecurity can have a profound impact on seniors' overall health and well-being. By addressing these issues and providing support through community-based programs, Williams argued that seniors can remain healthy and independent for longer. She also spoke about the critical role that senior service providers play in supporting seniors and their families. She stressed the need for collaboration and communication among providers to ensure that seniors receive comprehensive and coordinated care.

Throughout her talk, Williams highlighted the importance of empathy and compassion in caring for seniors. She shared stories of her own experiences working with seniors, and emphasized the importance of listening to and understanding their needs and concerns.

Keri’s presentation at the Barren County Senior Providers Coalition was a powerful reminder of the importance of community-based care and support for seniors. Her expertise and advocacy will no doubt continue to make a positive impact on the lives of seniors in Kentucky and beyond.

Keri Williams, Michele Wooten, Cassie Brueckbauer-Hagen


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