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Breast Cancer Awareness Education

As you may know, October is breast cancer awareness month. Here, at New Beginnings, in Salem, Kentucky, we celebrated that by bringing in the director of radiology from Livingston Hospital - Deaconess Kentucky partner, Tammy Swinford. She educated our patients on the importance of not only self-breast exams, but also mammograms. She also discussed some current treatment options; describing how they have improved over the years.

Ms. Swinford did an excellent job of speaking with the patients. She shared a short educational video, spoke of personal experiences, explained the process of a mammogram, and answered many questions from the patients. Ms. Swinford even brought in referral cards to help our patients get set up with appointments for breast screenings at the hospital in addition to little goodie bags for each patient.

We feel that each patient really soaked up the information presented to them and enjoyed learning the importance of early breast cancer detection.

Don’t forget to check yourself at least once a month and we look forward to October of next year, to help spread the importance of breast health to more patients.



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