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Daisy at Work

Keri Williams with Daisy

(Gibson City, IL) Meet Daisy! Daisy is the therapy dog for Gibson Area Hospital. Daisy attends groups a couple days week. Daisy greets each patient and offers a comforting paw. Daisy kind of knows who needs a little something extra attention. Each patient thinks of and treats Daisy as if she were their own pet. Incorporating Daisy into therapy has been so beneficial. Her paced breathing helps patients who may experience a panic attack. Patients who mirror Daisy’s breathing can experience lesser symptoms of anxiety. Daisy loves to chase (and eat) flies. One time, there was a fly in the group room. Daisy kept the patients entertained while she chased the fly. Daisy has been a great addition into therapy and she has been great for the team as well.


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