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Did You Know? Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY

Bowling Green, KY is the headquarters for The Medical Centers, one of UltraGroup Healthcare’s oldest hospital system partners, along with The National Corvette Museum. The National Corvette Museum stands as a shrine to American automotive innovation and craftsmanship. Situated near the GM Bowling Green Assembly Plant, where every Corvette since 1981 has been built, the museum celebrates the rich history and enduring legacy of this iconic sports car. Visitors are greeted by a stunning display of classic and contemporary Corvettes, ranging from the earliest models to the latest releases, showcasing the evolution of design, technology, and performance over the decades.

One of the museum's most captivating features is the Corvette Cave In exhibit, which commemorates the infamous sinkhole collapse that occurred in 2014, swallowing eight rare and historic Corvettes. This dramatic event, captured on surveillance cameras, drew worldwide attention and led to a remarkable recovery effort to salvage and restore the damaged vehicles. Today, visitors can witness the restored cars alongside displays detailing the sinkhole's formation and the subsequent restoration process, offering a unique and immersive experience.

Beyond its exhibits, the National Corvette Museum offers a range of activities and events for enthusiasts of all ages, including guided tours, driving experiences, and special exhibits highlighting specific aspects of Corvette history and culture. Whether you're a die-hard Corvette fan or simply appreciate automotive excellence, a visit to this museum is sure to inspire and delight, providing a deeper understanding and appreciation for one of America's most beloved sports cars.


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