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Highland District Hospital Mental Health Awareness Events

Updated: May 31, 2022

(Hillsboro, OH) The Pathways to Wellness program at Highland District Hospital has been busy promoting Mental Health Awareness Month. On Saturday, May 21st, program staff participated in a Community Day sponsored by the local Veterans Administration. They were able to share information about the program with members of the community as well as veterans and retired military. This event was well attended and provided the program a great opportunity to spread awareness about the mental health challenges seniors face.

Patsi Dick, the Program Director for the Pathways to Wellness program developed a Mental Health Awareness education board that is posted in front of the Highland District Hospital cafeteria for all staff to view. Staff that complete the associated quiz will be entered into a drawing for a prize.

Finally, Patsi produced weekly “Mental Health Matters Monday” videos that discuss mental health and specific mental health challenges for seniors. These videos were posted on the hospital website as well as their Facebook page. Great job to all the program staff at Pathways to Wellness for all the activities and events during Mental Health Awareness Month.



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