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Inspirational Spotlight

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

If you don’t already know Sheila Frazier, then you’re missing out! Sheila has been working with UltraGroup for over 10 years. She is an RN, and currently serving as the UG Director of Performance Improvement & Compliance. Prior to that she was the Program Director for our IOP program at Breckinridge Health in Harrodsburg, KY. Her past nursing experience includes ER, Med/Surg, Home Health and then ultimately specializing in Behavioral Health.

Sheila graduated from Eastern KY University in Richmond, KY where she met her husband, Joe. They return to the University annually with season football tickets. They have lived in WV, NC, VA and currently they are living in KY running the Frazier Family Farm. They have 3 grown children, one of who is a Kindergarten teacher who likes to give her students pumpkins each fall to decorate.

The Frazier Farm located in Webster, KY is not only a showplace of greenery, lush land, and beauty, but it is an actual working farm. The family decided to begin planting little pumpkins and giving them to their daughter’s students initially; then the 1st crop turned out to be a success, so they kept increasing the number of seeds each year. Over the years, they have supplied many Kindergarten classes, the local church, as well as family and neighbors with many varieties of pumpkins. Their son transports trailer loads of pumpkins back to their community to give away as well. For the 10th anniversary of planting, they planted 2,500 pumpkin seeds and 10,000 sunflower seeds. The Frazier Family is looking forward to a good growing season for 2022, while they watch the farm become a showplace of color and wonderment as fall approaches.

Sheila not only adds value to her community by her hard work and efforts on the farm, but she also applies those same work principles to the workplace and UltraGroup is a better company for it. We are happy to share some pictures of the Frazier Farm and the next time you see Sheila, give her a BIG THUMBS UP!

Another little interesting tidbit about Sheila…. she is a descendant of two very well-known families from West Virginia and Kentucky: The Hatfield’s and The McCoy’s. If you don’t know who they are, you’ll want to look them up!

And for those of you who are wondering why we featured a beautiful fall picturesque pumpkin story in the summer, it’s because June is the time to plant the seeds.

You must plant in order to see the harvest!



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