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Jerry McFadden’s Retirement

Jerry McFadden

“Jerry is truly a kind-hearted, caring, honest, and amazing person. His kindness shows through in everything he does. Everyone in UltraGroup loves him. Being around Jerry just makes you happy! We always knew we could count on him for anything. He’s just an all-around 100% good person. We knew the day of his retirement would be here at some point, however, selfishly, we didn’t like acknowledging it. But Jerry more than deserves to do nothing more than relax, and we’re so very happy for him.

Happy Retirement, Jerry! Thank you so much for all you’ve done for UltraGroup for so many years. We’re so grateful for you. Good on you, and we award you 10,000 Jerry points!!”

Karen Fauer & Kelly McBryde


“Jerry is an awesome gentleman and dedicated professional who trained me first as a program director then as a co-worker when I joined UltraGroup. I consider myself fortunate to have had him as a mentor and I appreciate all his advice throughout the years. He is a wealth of knowledge and he put his heart and soul into his work. He made such a difference, touching many lives along the way, a gentle soul ‘the Man.”

Sheila Frazier, RN


“Jerry has taught me so much through the years, first as my Regional Director and then when I later became a Regional Director. He has been a mentor and a friend and was always willing to share his wealth of knowledge and insight. He will be missed and I wish him the best during his retirement.”

Keri Williams, Regional Director


“I sincerely want to wish Jerry a meaningful and happy retirement, as he has brought a smile to my face so many times during the years we have worked together. Jerry’s upbeat and positive attitude has spread joy & refreshment. I wish you all the best, Jerry! Congrats!”

Susan Lemon, Office Coordinator


“Since I began working for UltraGroup in October of 2020, Jerry has been one of the people I have looked up to and learned from the most. His wealth of knowledge and incredibly welcoming and kind personality made him such a great person to work with. I consider myself lucky to have worked alongside Jerry, even for the short amount of time that I did. Jerry, I wish you nothing but the best in your retirement. Thank you for all you have done for me and for UltraGroup over the years.”

Jacob Shaheen, Director of Business Development


“I first remember Jerry when I joined the team at my hospital to open the IOP program there in 2011. Jerry was a seasoned social worker and I, still being much newer to the field, was amazed at how a social worker could be doing a job like his. Jerry was one of the kindest and most encouraging of social workers I had ever met. The fact that he could maintain these character traits along with being a savvy business professional with UltraGroup really made him someone that I looked up to. I still look up to Jerry today and consider him my “Social Work Hero”. I will never forget the way he made me feel when I had a question about something or a concern. He set an example as one of the best of listeners and no matter what issue arose, you felt no shame with Jerry. One of my favorite Jerry quotes is, “Good on yah”. He always left you with a feeling of purpose and positivity no matter howad the day had been going. Jerry will truly be missed here at UltraGroup. He has worked a lot of years in a field that certainly challenges us as clinicians and professionals. He has most definitely earned his time off and I will miss him very much.”

Kenna Dunlap Johnson, VP Outpatient Services


“When I started with UG, you welcomed me with a huge smile. You were the best cheerleader ever and a constant encourager to me and everyone with whom you came in contact. Your commitment to UG has been unrivaled. I feel lucky to have been one of your admirers. I pride myself in knowing over the years I did something so well, I occasionally was awarded with “1,000 Jerry points.” As always, I wish you the very best and hope our paths continue to cross! Thank you for everything.”

Sherri Shaw, Vice President Inpatient Services


“Jerry, congratulations on your retirement. I have truly enjoyed working with you. Last treatment plan: Take at least two (2) naps a day and travel to a different place once a month. Again, congrats and enjoy retirement to the fullest.”

Tashua Grizzle, Vice President Quality & Compliance


“Jerry treated me with such kindness and a warm, welcoming attitude when I started at UltraGroup last year. He was always patient in answering questions as I learned the ropes in a new role and every interaction we ever had involved a “thank you” even when he was the one helping me. He brought a radiant positivity to the culture of UltraGroup that I know we will all miss. I will never forget his kindness towards me. Cheers to you, Jerry!”

Lucas McBryde, Director of Healthcare Informatics


"Jerry, Congratulations on your retirement and wonderful career. I’m very grateful I have had the opportunity to work with you these past few years. A lot of people love to talk but hate to listen. To one of the best listeners I know, I hope your Retirement life is amazing!"

James Huff, Regional Director


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