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Kindness Rocks

At Senior Care, Pulaski Memorial Hospital, Winamac Indiana, kindness rocks!

While driving through the local bank, program director, Mindy Shindler, noticed a painted rock. The staff in the bank mentioned that it was a kindness rock. Mindy looked it up online and found the facebook page, Pulaski Rocks.

So here's how it works. As an act of kindness to brighten someone’s day, folks are painting rocks with an inspiring message or picture to make someone smile. Rocks are hidden in public places for others to find. Once a rock is found, the finder may post the picture online and re-locate the rock.

At Senior Care, our clients have enjoyed painting their own rocks to spread kindness and love to others. "We discussed childhood memories. It was very relaxing and quite meditative," says Mindy. Both adults and children of our county are enjoying this activity. It is a wonderful way to get out of the house and be social. Mindy has placed the rocks throughout the hospital and community, and already some have been found and posted!



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