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Lauren Griswold – Eagle Award

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Lauren Griswold, the Program Director for the Senior Life Solutions Program at Fairfield Memorial Hospital in Fairfield, IL, was recently honored with the prestigious Eagle Award at the 2023 UltraGroup Annual Conference. This recognition is a testament to her exceptional commitment, dedication, and unwavering hard work towards her program, patients, and community. Lauren's tireless efforts have significantly contributed to the success and growth of the Senior Life Solutions Program, which focuses on improving the mental health and well-being of elderly individuals.

Lauren's leadership and innovative approach have made a lasting impact on the program's participants, providing them with essential resources, counseling, and support. Through her compassionate and personalized care, she has helped countless seniors regain their joy, purpose, and overall quality of life. Beyond her program, Lauren's community involvement and advocacy efforts have extended the program's reach, benefiting even more individuals in need. The Eagle Award is a well-deserved recognition of Lauren Griswold's remarkable achievements, serving as an inspiration to her colleagues and a beacon of hope for the community she serves.



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