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Lisa Young Celebrates 13 years with New Beginnings Program

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

(Salem, KY) Lisa Young, Program Director for the New Beginnings program at Livingston Hospital, celebrates 13 years with the program this July. Lisa started as the Primary Therapist in 2010. Since then, Lisa has helped hundreds of patients in Salem, KY and surrounding communities who are struggling with the challenges of mental illness. Lisa reflects back on her time with the program:

I started as the primary therapist in 2010. I took on the director position, along with the primary therapist position in 2019. Through the years, we have changed the name of our program from Senior Care to New Beginnings. We thought that the new title represented more of what we do. We don’t just take care of seniors. We lead them toward important changes in their lives and toward a new beginning. We have also added a new position to our staff since 2010. We now have a part time community education coordinator. The one thing that I love about my job would be the clientele. The seniors seem to be more caring, supportive and respectful of one another than other age groups with whom I have worked.

UltraGroup thanks Lisa for her 13 years of service to this program and the seniors in the community. We are truly grateful for the energy, professionalism and compassion you bring to the program.



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