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National Social Work Month (March)

(Chattanooga, TN) National Social Worker Month is celebrated in March of 2023, recognizing the essential role that social workers play in our society. Social workers are highly trained professionals who work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, schools, and government agencies, among others. They provide valuable support to individuals and communities, helping to improve their well-being and address issues such as poverty, mental health, and substance abuse.

During National Social Worker Month, social workers are honored for their hard work and dedication. It is an opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments and recognize the impact they have on individuals and communities. Throughout the month, events and activities are held to raise awareness of the important work that social workers do and to educate the public about the challenges they face. These events also provide opportunities for social workers to connect with each other and share ideas, strategies, and best practices.

In addition to honoring social workers, National Social Worker Month is also an opportunity to advocate for policies and programs that support their work. This includes advocating for increased funding for social services, promoting policies that address the root causes of social problems, and advocating for changes to the legal and regulatory systems that affect social work practice. Ultimately, National Social Worker Month is a time to recognize and celebrate the essential work of social workers and to renew our commitment to supporting them in their efforts to improve the lives of those they serve.

UltraGroup would like to thank all the Social Workers at our partner hospitals. Their commitment to the patients they help and their programs makes a tremendous impact on the community. Thank you for all that you do.



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