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October Monthly Medical Outcome Recognition

UltraGroup would like to recognize some of the best medical outcomes from our programs from the month of October. The below table shows the percentage changes in symptoms from the Zung, GDS, ADOM and GAD7 assessments that are administered to our patients upon admission and upon discharge from the program.

  • Zung Self-Rating Scale | Measures anxiety symptoms through a 20-question, 1–4 rating scale, survey

  • Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS) | Measures depression in the geriatric population through a 30-question ‘Yes/No’ survey

  • Admission/Discharge Outcome Measure (ADOM) | Measures symptoms of anxiety and depression at admission and discharge

  • General Anxiety Disorder–7 (GAD7)| Measures general anxiety disorder symptoms through a 7-question survey

These assessments are what we have found to be accurate indicators of success for both the patient and the program. The below percentages are averages of all graduates for the program within the month.

* Positive percentages indicate a reduction in symptoms from admission to discharges.

** Not all programs utilize all assessment tools.


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