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Pulaski Memorial Walk in the Park

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

(Winamac, IN) The Senior Care Program at Pulaski Memorial Hospital in Winamac, Indiana, has truly embraced community engagement by hosting a weekly "Walk in the Park" every Tuesday. Led by the dynamic duo of Mindy Shidler, Program Director for the Senior Care Program, and Richard Voorhees, Therapist for the Senior Care Program, this initiative demonstrates the program's commitment to promoting not just physical well-being but also social connectedness among seniors in the community. Winamac Town Park serves as the perfect backdrop for these leisurely walks, offering participants not only an opportunity for exercise but also a chance to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors.

One notable week, Mindy and Richard organized a special event by hosting the local "Kiwanis Kids Day at the Park." This collaboration exemplifies the program's dedication to fostering intergenerational bonds and community unity. The park was transformed into a hub of activity, bringing together seniors and young children for a day of shared experiences, laughter, and fun. These types of events not only brighten the lives of seniors but also enrich the community as a whole, showcasing Pulaski Memorial Hospital's commitment to holistic healthcare and community well-being.

The "Walk in the Park" initiative, spearheaded by the Senior Care Program at Pulaski Memorial Hospital, is a shining example of how healthcare providers can extend their reach beyond the clinical setting. It not only encourages physical activity but also provides an avenue for social interaction, mental stimulation, and community integration. Under the leadership of Mindy Shidler and Richard Voorhees, this program has become a cornerstone of community support and a testament to the hospital's dedication to improving the lives of their senior residents.


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