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Senior Life Services at Amberwell Hiawatha Opens

(Hiawatha, KS) Amberwell Hiawatha, in partnership with UltraGroup Healthcare, has launched the Senior Life Services Program, a specialized program dedicated to providing comprehensive care and support to seniors grappling with mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by older adults, Amberwell Hiawatha has assembled a skilled and compassionate team of professionals to address their mental health needs. The program staff includes a Program Director, licensed clinical therapist, registered nurse, psychiatric nurse practitioner, board-certified psychiatrist, and a unit clerk.

The Senior Life Services Program at Amberwell Hiawatha places a strong emphasis on treating mental health issues among seniors. The licensed clinical therapist plays a pivotal role in providing individualized therapy and counseling services tailored to the specific needs of each senior. With their expertise, they offer guidance, support, and evidence-based treatments to help seniors overcome the challenges posed by depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses.

The program's team also includes a registered nurse who ensures comprehensive care by addressing the physical and mental health needs of seniors. Collaborating with the clinical therapist and other healthcare professionals, the registered nurse performs assessments, monitors patients' overall health, and ensures the integration of mental health care with physical well-being. Additionally, the psychiatric nurse practitioner and board-certified psychiatrist contribute their specialized knowledge and skills to provide comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and treatment options, including medication management when necessary. Together, this team of dedicated professionals, supported by the unit clerk, aims to improve the mental well-being of seniors and enhance their overall quality of life.

We are excited to welcome Amberwell Hiawatha to the UltraGroup family and look forward to helping the seniors in Hiawatha and surrounding Kansas communities.

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