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There’s something “fishy” going on at Carlinville’s Senior Behavioral Health

(Carlinville, IL) Senior Behavioral Health Unit Clerk, Cheryl Price, is responsible for the offices and treatment room festive decorations. Cheryl chooses a theme and creates décor, signs, and table arrangements to match the theme. The office is currently sporting a “fishing” theme with a bobber Welcome banner, numerous signs and bulletin boards, and table arrangements following the fishing theme. They all contain behavioral health mantras which reinforce the health and wellbeing of their patients.

The previous theme was a “BEE” theme with hanging bees, and hives buzzing about. The affirmations included “BEE” yourself, “BEE” calm, “BEE” happy, and “BEE” present.

Cheryl says she enjoys developing the themes and creating the décor. She tries to keep the office inviting, festive, but also relevant to the task at hand. All of our patients enjoy the changing décor and feel it helps them to relax and be comfortable while attending the program.

Cheryl Price, Unit Clerk | Brian Stoops, LCSW – Program Director | Ian Cox, LPC – Program Therapist | Leann Barr, RN – Program Nurse



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