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Tranquility Program Shows Holiday Spirit

(Hardinsburg, KY) The Tranquility Program at Breckinridge Memorial Hospital embraced the festive spirit with a unique display of Christmas cheer. The team members wore matching holiday-themed shirts, each proudly showcasing their respective job titles. The Program Director, Shelby Richardson, exemplified her role with a shirt that boldly declared "Nurse," while the Program Therapist, Christy O'Bryan, wore a shirt adorned with the title "Social Worker." Shelby Blandford, the Unit Clerk, participated by wearing a shirt saying, "Office Staff.” Even the Program Provider, Dr. Sudha Patel, participated in the festivities by wearing a shirt displaying "Doctor."

This thoughtful and coordinated effort not only brought a sense of camaraderie among the Tranquility Program team but also spread joy and holiday spirit throughout Breckinridge Memorial Hospital. The personalized shirts not only highlighted the diversity of roles within the program but also fostered a sense of identity and pride in each team member's crucial contribution to the healthcare environment. It was a delightful celebration that reflected the unity and dedication of the Tranquility Program staff during the festive season.

Shelby Blandford, Christy O'Bryan, Shelby Richardson, Dr. Patel
Shelby Blandford, Christy O'Bryan, Shelby Richardson, Dr. Patel



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